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1.  Must Be This Tall To Ride
2. Drive Thru Please
3. Big Toe
4. We're Driven .... (Soul What)
5. Quiero Mucho
6. Any November Will Do
7. Last Summer Last
8. Caffeine
9. New Day
10. It's Rainin' Again

    The recording was done in three 5-hour sessions on a Yamaha hard disk recorder by Ron Probst.   All tunes were arranged and written by Rick Cline (except for those indicated below).   The project was originally intended for demo purposes only, but quickly became more than anyone expected thanks to the amazing quality of the musicians.   Cline says, " As a musician, this recording has challenged me in ways I never expected ... not just as a drummer but as a composer.  Looking back, I can honestly say it was one of the most memorable experiences in my career to date.  I think everyone had a blast and I know I can't wait till the next one."

From the Artist . . .

    The CD "Must Be This Tall To Ride" covers a wide range of jazz styles.  From straight ahead be-bop to fusion, from Latin to warm ballads.  The tune We're Driven..... (Soul What)  is  an attempt to fuse poetry with hip-hop/jazz.  "Mega-Soul" is the vocal artist and the writer of all the lyrics.  New Day was a tune written by guitarist Vic Wheeler.  I took it and added a melody/counter melody for the bridge on soprano sax and piano.  This is one of my favorite tunes of the CD since it absolutely jams for over 4 minutes at the end.   It's Raining Again was written by vocalist Nathan Hefner and it compliments the CD with a bitter sweet love song.  Caffeine was written literally on the spot in the session by bassist Scott Pope with some help from Seth Carper and myself.  It was titled after Seth and Scott made the comment they needed some caffeine to wake them up after a late gig the night before. 

    The remaining tunes were written by myself over a period of 2 weeks while using a few choice words with my computer and the software Sibelius.  Most of the tunes were only recorded twice and sometimes the first take was the best, which goes to show the quality of the musicians.  As a listener, you can feel the vibe between everyone both musically and spiritually.  There's no greater feeling for a musician than when you and your fellow band members are feelin' the same thing almost instantaneously, and you trust them like you would the wings of a passenger jet.

    I'd like to thank my wife Summer first of all, for letting me do this and for her endless support.   Also, Chris Ballengee for editing consultation, Ron Probst for 1000 hrs of his time, Greg Sakatos for the kick I needed to get here, my mom and dad for, well, everything else, and last but not least by any stretch, God ..... and He already knows why.

- Rick Cline